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Christian McClellan is the Founder of Monhabie Advisors, LLC, and has been an international top tier Project Manager for over two decades. He is intimately familiar with all of the appropriate methodologies for implementing sweeping changes in a large organization.

Christian shares his considerable expertise in his book, PROJECT MANAGER: What You Need To Successfully Implement Your ERP Project. [Order on Amazon]

This book is for the executive who will be making decisions about a large implementation project, and wants to better understand what to expect, what to do to get ready for the project and in what order everything should be done.

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Your Upcoming ERP Transition Needs An Expert Project Manager.

Watch this short video to see how an ERP implementation works, and why it’s so important to select your independent consulting Project Manger very early in the process.

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Expert Consulting

Monhabie Advisors is a top-tier project management consulting firm. We provide Program Management, Project Manager and Project Auditing services on large, complex projects.

Experience is Everything

Monhabie Advisors has successfully implemented dozens of large ERP systems for the top organizations in the world. Reveiw some of those projects here.

ERP Projects

An ERP implementation project is the biggest, most in-depth undertaking most organizations will ever attempt. Learn about the 5 main phases of a major ERP project.

Teamwork & Transparency

We keep all stakeholders fully informed of all aspects of the project—and everyone openly knows and understands the good, the bad and the ugly, to keep all interests preserved.

We are experts in the 5 Implementation Phases of a major ERP project.

After we complete the Diagnostic Phase to determine the scope and requirements of your ERP project, we can begin the 5 Implementation Phases, following PMI methodologies.

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